Online Community: Connect

Connect is an online community for our members, community partners, Latino communities and the general public in all five states. Connect invites our readers to get answers, share information and gain knowledge about the health care-related topics that are important to them. Many of the articles are offered in English and in Spanish. Connect helps inform members by offering easy, searchable answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Connect offers current and insightful content on popular topics ranging from recipes to fitness to helping to navigate the flu. Readers can view videos, articles and use interactive features like polls and forums. The articles on the site are also easy to share on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Connect topics include:

  • Wellness tips to keep you healthy in body, mind and spirit
  • Ideas on how to engage and contribute to your local community
  • Helpful tips to understand your health insurance options
  • Defining health care terminology and helping those new to insurance get started
  • How to use health care benefits for all types of plans

Once a reader registers directly on the Connect site, they can:

  • Engage with others and add topics that interest them
  • Like posts or add opinions and comments to articles
  • Ask us questions on the site or private message our team of experts
  • Searchable FAQs for the most commonly asked questions and answers
  • Search hundreds of valuable articles written by subject matter experts

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