“I learn something new in training each year. It reinforces the importance of ethics and compliance and how to practice them.” - Employee quote after training

Ethics & Compliance

As a company, the decisions and actions we take every day, whether big or small, not only impact our culture, but also the trust of our members and our reputation in the community. How do we ensure that everyone at Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) makes the best possible decisions? We make it a part of everything we do. At HCSC, we have our Corporate Integrity and Compliance Program Charter which includes the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. For our business partners, we rely on our Vendor Code of Conduct. These documents outline our Compliance Program responsibilities and the ethical expectations for all employees and business partners. Together with our Core Values of integrity, respect, commitment and caring, they create the foundation for good ethical decisions.

During our last formal compliance program assessment, external reviewers found “it readily apparent that HCSC has established and fosters a strong culture of compliance.” This is in part, due to the many measures the Ethics and Compliance Department takes to connect with employees in person and through communications.

In fact, our 2015 theme Ethics Connects Us helped reinforce training and communications that simplified complicated regulations, reviewed standards of conduct and addressed “hot topics” of importance. In our “Speak Up” Campaign, we personally visited with thousands of employees to promote the value of a positive work environment by encouraging them to ask questions and share their concerns. It’s working. Conversations on our Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer blog have doubled, requests for information and guidance were the third most popular reason employees contacted Ethics and Compliance, and employees reported a 25 percent positive change in their knowledge, skills and attitudes after completing ethics and compliance annual training. We are proud that our workforce continues to support our Compliance Program and the importance of ethical decision making in maintaining a strong ethical culture.